Sapphire ultra-thin wafers, substrates and windows

Thin Sapphire

The thinnest Sapphire wafers and parts can be made from A-plan [1120] orientation. Thinness of 10 microns (0.0004") has been achieved, but not easily.

With R-plane [1102] sapphire orientation, a realistic thickness for wafers and substrates is in the 100 to 125 micron range (0.004 to 0.005").

Size is not a real limitation for thin wafers and substrates. Parts 12½" x 2½" x 0.0035" have been produced in polished Sapphire.

Depending on orientation, the best surface finish of a few Angstroms is attainable and for these finishes, measurements are made on WYKO non-contact interferometer.

Other Sapphire related services provided include edge-angle polishing, wafer thinning and dicing.

Available from stock are A-plane sapphire wafers to thinness of 0.001" (25 microns) and in R-plane sapphire wafers, starting at 0.005" (125 microns).

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